About Us

Sachs Harbour is the most northerly community in the Northwest Territories. It is situated on Banks Island with a population of about 130 people.

Inualthuyak School derives its name from an elder who froze to death in a snow house while out trapping with his young grandson. Inualthuyak means “a guy that is not very big”. The elder received this name because when he was born he was so small that he would fit inside a mitten. Although he grew to be a very big, tall man he was always called Inualthuyak.

The school was built in 1968 due to the efforts and perseverance of the parents in the community. They realized that their children must have an education to keep them abreast of the rapidly developing north and yet wanted them to derive the benefits offered by their own culture which could only be obtained in the home. Prior to 1968, students lived in the hostel and attended school in Inuvik.

Mission Statement:

Inualthuyak School will strive to strengthen partnerships with the families, elders, business and other community groups to help deliver a strong, culture-based education by providing the tools and resources for student success.


Inualthuyak Value Statements:

We believe:

• Inualthuyak is a caring nurturing place where all stakeholders are respected.

• Inualthuyak provides a caring and nurturing environment where all stakeholders are respected.

• Inualthuyak is a place of vision.

• All students attending Inualthuyak are unique and will be equally valued.

• All students attending Inualthuyak can be successful.

• All students attending Inualthuyak have the right to a safe, positive, and supportive environment.

• Effective communication and teamwork are cornerstones of Inualthuyak.

• The community is always welcome at Inualthuyak.

• Inualthuyak should reflect the culture of the people it serves.

• Education is fun and engaging.

• Inualthuyak is a place where students and staff can grow and be proud.